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Caring During Pregnancy

The motherhood enters party of duties to you directly and to the future. Your duties begin from the date of, you become pregnant women. Article collects a few helps to take special care during this special period of your life:

Regular realisation, even go to pregnancy time, can benefit the pregnant woman. The discomfort and weariness can be won. If you do admissible realisation of quantity during pregnancy, the labour is much easier, and restoration faster also.
Do not hold the stomach the empty. Hold some crackers with you and eat a part of it as you wake up. It will accept a morning indisposition.
Take a shower with warm water during a labour to weaken your body.
Eat some small food intakes every day, but avoid rich, spicy, sour and fried products. They can cause a heartburn.
Drink many liquids to prevent dehydration during a labour. The drink at least 8 - 10 points of water every day, but special care should be made in summer pregnancy.
When the woman will pass fights, softly wiping a back will weaken it and to feel good to creation of more effective reductions.
Not many times have the caring. Never change a box for dust of a cat when pregnant as it can contain toxoplasmosis which can cause congenital defects.
Walking intermediate reductions facilitates an easy labour.
Regular sovanie prepatrimonial polyvitaminic addition along with a dinner checks a nausea.
Pregnancy does you more sensitive to aromas, strong aromas and sudden movement, etc.
The body should be more softened during pregnancy so take sufficient rest! You feel sleepy and sleepy all time. If you work, short a somnolence of several minutes or a half an hour during the day in a regular interval help you to struggle with weariness.
This time the diet is very important. Mother should take a healthy diet as it also provides food to the future.
It is important that women should be active everywhere on the pregnancy so that it could return soon tone of a muscle and grow thin after birth rate.
Imposing on a left-hand side, drinking a lot of water and the reduced consumption of salt will avoid a high blood pressure during pregnancy.
Usually pregnant female feet and cambers of feet. So often go and sit your feet supporting them on a stool.
Spasms in feet - a usual problem so to reduce causing spasms of a pillow of a place under your knees and feet while you sleep.
Carrying of clothes of seat belts, moving or travelling by the car, should. The care should be, carrying it. The bottom belt of a belt needs to be carried through your hips instead of your stomach.
Add additional 300 calories to the food when you are pregnant, or even it is more, training.
Pregnant reception does not come to an end your sexual life....., though your sexual desire can reduce. To and if your doctor does not do cautious about any risk in pregnancy, you can enjoy the sexual life.
Always take limiting care before to take any treatment or medicine. Consult and co-ordinate to the gynecologist if they are safe for you.


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